Introducing The most versatile strap on the market, The XQR modular strap system. 

Cub & Co. set out to reimagine “the strap” and its role in the lifestyle of a modern creator. At the core of the XQR system is the flagship quick release strap, a technically advanced camera strap featuring a strong magnetic FIDLOCK buckle, made of aluminum and highlighted by a crimson pull tab. The quick release buckle allows the user to take off the strap by a simple pull of the tabrather than awkwardly over the head. The tab also snaps down securely with a brass rivet. Giving you the option to quickly release the strap in a pinch, while being fastened in place when not in use. 


Intuitive function

The XQR system offers incredible versatility with minimal fuss. Each strap includes 2 sets of attachments that click on and off via the mil-spec, side release buckles.  Allowing you to take the quick release functionality with you whether you're using the XQR strap with your camera, our side bag, or anything else  you can attach it to.


the MOLLE side bag

The XQR system shows its versatility when you attach one of the modular components like the XQR side bag. Using the provided accessory attachments, you can swap accessories on the go without sacrificing functionality, making this the most versatile strap on the market. Expect to see a variety of bags and components available as the XQR line continues to evolve.



The XQR line is designed with the toughest components available, starting with Biothane webbing. A unique polyester webbing with a rubber coating, making the strap not only durable, but waterproof and UV resistant. The strap is finished with mil-spec hardware, metal rivets and reflective dyneema chording boasting a breaking strength 15 times stronger than steel.