In May, 2015 I turned 30 years old. I reached a point in my life where the accumulation of “things” seemed so far and away from the person I had become. I was in search of ethereal fulfillment. I wasn’t searching for “god” or anything like that, but experience. 30 years on this earth and I realized the most important things in life, aren’t possessions, wealth, acclaim, or any of the fleeting desires we are so trained to pursue. Life to me is about the moments that flash before your eyes when you’re on your death bed. The glowing smiles of your loved ones, the good times spent laughing with your friends, the wondrous sights and adventures canonized in our psyche. This was the birth of Odysseys. Two of my best friends and I set off to Arizona to take in, what I affectionately referred to as God’s country. These images are the first installment of Odysseys, a series I hope to continue to develop over the course of my life, as my marker in the ground. I was here. I walked this earth, and these are the moments that define me.

Book design and photography by Joel Chavez. Shot on Kodak Portra 160/400 Leica M4 & Mamiya 645. Self Published

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