The Craft

A "Cub" is someone inexperienced at a certain craft or profession. In 2013 just before I started this business, that is exactly what I was. I knew nothing about leather work, but I had a passion for photography, and a burning desire to create the best products on the market. Through years of perfecting my methods and applying my design philosophy, we've sold products all over the world, been featured in the Wall St. Journal, and have worked with some of the most brilliant photographers in the world. We are humbled and thankful, but we continue to believe our evolution is a result of being dedicated to both our craft and to you the customer. Onwards and upwards to us all. 

Quality Guarantee

Every aspect of our products are conceived, designed and tested to bring you goods made to the highest quality standards, and that offer the greatest level of functionality. It's between this balance of form and function where we thrive and why all of our goods are guaranteed for life. We source an array of durable raw materials, ranging from luxurious leather to cutting edge technical fabrics and hardware, always produced in the USA.